Dave Meserve



Dave Meserve - Founder & Director

Dave is the founder and director of Urban Skye which was birthed out of a holy restlessness and imaginative calling. Seeing the gap between the church and the culture continue to widen, he left his job as a teaching pastor at a large, suburban church to help bridge that gap. Urban Skye began as a testing ground in the city for gap-closing venues centered around art, faith and service. With over 500 such gatherings under our collective belts, Urban Skye is now an umbrella for various faith entrepreneurs doing creative, spiritual work.
Dave's professional experience is as a pastor, teacher, author, consultant, entrepreneur, and national conference speaker on marriage and family. He holds graduate degrees in theology and counseling and is ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Today, Dave is best described as a "freelance pastor" for Denver. He has taught in two dozen churches around the city, meets with younger pastors and non-profit leaders and has a particular heart for those on the fringe of faith and church. Through Urban Skye, Dave has published several collaborative liturgical works including six Advent Guides, 7 Stories: A Guide to your Spiritual Autobiography and A Denver Book of Prayer.
Married to Shari who helped him launch Urban Skye (cooking over 300 meals for the
cause), they have three children in high school, college and just out of college. Dave's
spiritual passions have been rekindled by the writings and practices of Celtic spirituality.
He also shares a deep love for Kansas Basketball, frequents unique coffee houses and
is proudly related to the Wicked Witch of the West.
You can reach Dave at dave@urbanskye.org.