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The studies about Denver keep coming in. The percentage of "unchurched" residents is in the 90s, says one. Denver is one of the top 15 "post-Christian cities" says another. The response of the greater Christian community to these frightening statistics is predictable: "We need to plant more churches!" And so they come. They come from all over to plant churches. Some make it; many do not.  

For more than a decade Urban Skye has been addressing the "frightening statistics" in a different way. While the church-planting instinct will continue (and thank God it does), we seek to expand the Church's vision of how to grow the Kingdom of God in a city like Denver. Our response is to plant pastors, not just churches!

The reality is, most of our "spiritual, but not religious" friends and neighbors will not look to the church for guidance, at least not initially.  That does not mean they lack all faith; they just need trusted guides for their journey.   It is a new generation of these trusted guides that Urban Skye was created to serve.  

We are "faith entrepreneurs": non-traditional pastors, missionaries, disciplers, advocates and counselors. Urban Skye provides a home from which we can explore our creative calling as an extension of the Church for the sake of the Kingdom.   

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Follow A Denver Book of Prayer month by month!

ADPB was the wildest project Urban Skye has ever initiated. In 2009, we decided that Denver should have its own common prayer book.  So, we "united the tribes" and invited twelve faith communities (ten churches and two missions) to collaborate on an original book of prayer, Denver style.  Together we discovered our theme, FAITH IN PARADOX, and then each community came up with their own word-pair around the theme.

Each month you'll meet a new Denver guide to offer you The Daily Office (morning, midday and evening prayers), Daily Readings and Weekly Spiritual Practices.


As this may never be repeated, enjoy this one-of-a-kind celebration of unity and diversity. May it help form your spirit, delight your soul, and remind you that you are not alone on the journey of faith.  


--------------------------------------- February ------------------------- 



Scum of the Earth


Faith in Paradox: Strength & Surrender

Saint: Saint Francis of Assisi

Practices: Public Transportation, Burning Something, Surrendering Time, Surrendering Rights


There is no better church name than Scum of the Earth. What many do not realize is that the name was taken right from the pages of the Bible (read May 1 entry to see where). Theirs is a church for "the left-out and the right-brained", an apt self-description. You will love reading their introduction in ADBP as you will their daily offerings. You'll find a varied collection of Bible reflection with social commentary and poetry. Lots of wonderful poetry. St. Francis is a good choice to represent them as he gave up a powerful name, family and position to become a social misfit (even among priests) who talked with animals, campaigned for peace and was intimate with God. That intimacy is what SCUM is all about and joining them for May will help your own journey toward the intimate heart of God.




Download the May installment of ADBP here!