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Advent 2014

Sundays Nov. 30, Dec. 7, 14, 21

To help us create sacred space during the busiest season of the year, Urban Skye is pleased to offer five unique Advent Guides!

Each guide is created around a different theme that we overlay on the Nativity. Using a four-week format, we invite readers into the story and then into a personal response useful for families, groups or congregations. With imaginative language and a disarming beauty, we appeal to the spiritually curious of all stages on the journey of faith!

How our guides have been used:
 *Churches have offered them to their congregations and neighborhoods
 *Pastors have used them as a four-week teaching series
 *Non-profits have sent them to supporters
 *Employers have given them for staff or volunteer gifts
 *Families have used them for devotionals
 *Individuals have sent them in place of Christmas cards

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Follow A Denver Book of Prayer month by month!

We decided that Denver should have its own common prayer book and invited twelve faith communities to collaborate on an original book of prayer structured around the theme "Faith in Paradox."

Each month a new Denver guide will introduce themselves with a word-pair reflecting their take on "Faith in Paradox" and their chosen Saint. Then, settle in for a month of guidance in the form of The Daily Office, Daily Readings and Weekly Spiritual Practices.

 Enjoy this one-of-a-kind celebration of unity and diversity. May it help form your spirit, delight your soul, and remind you that you are not alone on the journey of faith.


---------------- November---------------- 


The Refuge
Faith in Paradox: Broken and Whole
Saint: Leonardo Boff
Practices: The Jesus Prayer, Sleep, Feast, Paradox Poem
I don't know of a more aptly named church than The Refuge.  To be with them is to breath easier - even in the chaos of life.  That's why we asked them to begin A Denver Book of Prayer (in November to coincide with the Church calendar). Their first line sets us up: Is it possible for something to be broken and whole at the same time? It is not just that they can honestly answer "yes"; it is HOW they answer.  Their entries are eclectic - like their community - full of poems, quotes, prayers, kind ramblings, textual commentaries and stories. (Please find the poem "Vandalism" and complete the "Paradox Poem".)  Together they form a mosaic of wisdom for how to be a Refuge within the storms of life.


Download the November installment of ADBP here!