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Urban Skye

Guides for the creative, spiritual life.

We live in an age where spirituality is assumed and creativity is esteemed. In all arenas of life – love, work, play, rest – Urban Skye recognizes the deep value of both of these virtues. For almost a decade, we have been a quiet influence for hundreds of people and dozens of communities as a guide for the practices, experiences and conversations that bring this kind of meaning to life.

From art films at a pub to Advent liturgies to bowling nights with orphans, we have not been bound by the traditional ways to be creatively spiritual. Now that we approach our second decade of service, we shift our focus from venues we have created to a team of guides for the creative, spiritual life.


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Follow A Denver Book of Prayer month by month!

A Denver Book of Prayer was the wildest project Urban Skye has ever initiated. In 2009, we decided that Denver should have its own common prayer book. So, we "united the tribes" and invited twelve faith communities (ten churches and two missions) to collaborate on an original book of prayer--Denver style. It is structured around the theme "Faith in Paradox."

Each month you will have a new Denver guide. They will introduce themselves by a word-pair that reflects their take on "Faith in Paradox" along with their chosen Saint. Then, settle in for a month of guidance in the form of The Daily Office, Daily Readings and Weekly Spiritual Practices.

 Enjoy this one-of-a-kind celebration of unity and diversity. May it help form your spirit, delight your soul, and remind you that you are not alone on the journey of faith.


---------------- SEPTEMBER---------------- 

Denver Community Church

Faith in Paradox: Inhale and Exhale

Saint: Henri Nouwen

Practices: Breath Prayer, Grace, Walk Around Your Block, Deep Breath & Centering Prayer


DCC is a beautiful story of redemption and faithfulness. You would hardly know that the thriving church of today was a dwindling congregation ready to close its doors a decade ago. Their growth has come honestly from doing deep work among themselves, being faithful to understand and practice the biblical message, and taking seriously Christ's heart for the city, Follow them for a month and you'll learn how to spiritually "inhale and exhale" every day.


Download the September installment of ADBP here!


 The mission of Urban Skye Publishing is to create beautiful, curious and accessible guides for the creative, spiritual life.

Our first publication grew naturally out of our collective search for meaning during the crazy, Christmas rush.  It was a guide to help us practice Advent.  Since then, we have self-published four more Advent Guides, a Short Guide to Lent and one unique, cooperative effort, A Denver Book of Prayer. Our latest effort, 7 Stories: A Guide for Your Spiritual Autobiography, is designed to help you understand your life as a redemptive story (for groups, retreats or individuals).
The 2014 Season of Advent begins Sunday, November 30.
We begin processing orders after Labor Day. 
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