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Follow A Denver Book of Prayer month by month!

ADPB was the wildest project Urban Skye has ever initiated. In 2009, we decided that Denver should have its own common prayer book.  So, we "united the tribes" and invited twelve faith communities (ten churches and two missions) to collaborate on an original book of prayer, Denver style.  Together we discovered our theme, FAITH IN PARADOX, and then each community came up with their own word-pair around the theme.

Each month you'll meet a new Denver guide to offer you The Daily Office (morning, midday and evening prayers), Daily Readings and Weekly Spiritual Practices.


As this may never be repeated, enjoy this one-of-a-kind celebration of unity and diversity. May it help form your spirit, delight your soul, and remind you that you are not alone on the journey of faith.  


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Highlands Church  

Faith in Paradox: Uncertainty & Faith

Saint: Thomas Merton

Practices: Meditating on Scripture, Gratitude, Balance (community and solitude), Sabbath Keeping
Highlands Church was barely a toddler (they didn't even have a website!) when we did this project, but you'd never know it by their contribution. It reveals the maturity of a community that has logged decades together. 

As their paradox suggests, they invite us to ask aloud our questions of faith while never releasing a great confidence in God.  They offer my favorite "morning prayer" which ends with Help me just stick on your heels as you walk through the world today.  And, of all our ADBP participants, no one does a better job of providing the "how-to" of suggested spiritual practices.  If you love language and extraordinary quotes this will be an especially nourishing month for you.

Download the July installment of ADBP here!