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Guides for the creative, spiritual life

We live in an age where spirituality is assumed and creativity is esteemed. In all arenas of life – love, work, play, rest – Urban Skye recognizes the deep value of both of these virtues. For almost a decade, we have been a quiet influence for hundreds of people and dozens of communities as a guide for the practices, experiences and conversations that bring this kind of meaning to life.

From art films at a pub to Advent liturgies to bowling nights with orphans, we have not been bound by the traditional ways to be creatively spiritual. Now that we approach our second decade of service, we shift our focus from venues we have created to a team of guides for the creative, spiritual life.


A Guide to Lent

Dave Meserve has written a great little guide for Lent.  It is never too late to observe Lent for 40 days or even one.  Download the guide here. 

Urban Skye's  Seven Stories book can also be a great resource for reflection during Lent.  



Advent begins Dec. 1st. 

Whether you have been anticipating another liturgical year or have just remembered Advent with this reading, Advent is upon us! As a season, it is gift to the Church. With it's emphasis on intention and reflection and practice, it is a gift from the Church to the culture as well. Who doesn't want more spiritual meaning over Christmas?

In response to the Church's need for a re-energized liturgy and for the culture's longing for spiritual direction, Urban Skye Publishing has created five unique Advent Guides. Over the years they've been used by individuals, families, staff, small groups and congregations.  They've been practiced, prayed over and preached through; some have used them as their Christmas card!

Each guide has a very distinct theme but they share in common a disarming beauty, an inviting language and an invitation to explore the Nativity Story personally.  Each guide was created with the idea that it could be handed to a non-churched neighbor as easily as an over-churched friend.  As we see it, Advent is the most natural time of the year to invite anyone to explore the origin story of Jesus. 

Just visit www.urbanskye.org/advent to place orders. Our pricing has been simplified this year: any order under 50 is $4/guide and any over 50 is $3/guide (plus shipping).  To receive your order by December 1st we need your order placed by 5:00 p.m. on November 25th.  If we have your guide already in stock, we will mail them when you order.


Liturgy at the closing of Pathways Church

Last week, Dave led a beautiful service memorializing the closing of Pathways Church, which was a home to many in the Urban Skye community at various times. Here is the Liturgy Jodi wrote for the bittersweet occasion - Ending Liturgy.


Denver Book of Prayer - November

The Denver Book of Prayer for November is provided by The Refuge (www.therefugeonline.org). The Refuge community is seeking to find our way together--really together--all broken and with something beautiful to offer. Our ministry practice is to simply invite all into community. A loving community of light, hope, and authentic living. We invite you to our world this month. Consider your own brokenness, your own wholeness, and the beautiful reality that they can and do coincide together at the same time.

Download the November chapter here.


A Post-Election Liturgy of Confession and Unity

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with you all.
And also with you.

We have come together as one:
One people,
gathered in the name of the one GOD.
We are being empowered as one by One:
One body, one Spirit, called to one hope.
one Lord, one faith, one baptism,
one GOD who is above all + through all + in all.
Now, in the name of the Three-in-One,
we act as one:
One people giving witness to the power of One.

To the GOD of many tongues and powerful words, the GOD of tribes and political parties,
to the GOD of idealists, patriots,
immigrants, and rebels,
we come with the bold language of heart-break.
We come with our prayers for restoration.
We come with our quiet resentment
and our gloating celebration.
We come with our dreams of shalom.
We come with our belief that you are the GOD
who makes all things new
including a broken and bloodied Body.
We carry to the river of mercy
this wounded Church
and pray to the GOD-Who-Is-Bigger
that we would be knit together again...
beyond affiliations, black boxes inked,
yard-sign taunts....
into a living expression
of love, goodness, and grace.

Claiming to be a people of peace,
we have participated in war:
in battle cry graffiti on Facebook walls
and soap-box rants,
in stone-heavy words hurled against
the glass houses of the others’ character.
Merciful GOD, return us to wholeness.

Claiming to be a people of love, we have participated in harshness:
in loving our neighbor as ourselves
only when our neighbor shares our vote,
in creating inhospitable environments for conversations to flourish, in choosing to forget
that the greatest of these things is love.
Merciful GOD, return us to wholeness.

Claiming to be a people of humility,
we have participated in pharisaical arrogance:
in declaring boldly
that we know “how Jesus would vote,”
in spreading the stench of sulphur
over issues with which we disagree,
in using the Story of Grace
to justify our puffed-out chests.
Merciful GOD, return us to wholeness.

Claiming to be a people of unity,
we have participated in divisiveness:
in conversational subtext
that whoever is not for us is against us,
in the quiet sneers and eye-rolls
made in the euphoria of our self-righteousness,
in letting our choice of Caesar define
who will be invited to share our Table.
Merciful GOD, return us to wholeness.

In the humble silence we create here together,
you are invited to take a quiet inventory of the ways in which you’ve participated in war,
in harshness, in arrogance, in divisiveness.
Make your confession to the GOD-Who-Hears.
Kyrie Eleison. Lord, have mercy.

[silence for personal confession]

As a minister of the gospel,
a servant to the Good News, I boldly and gladly remind you that your sins have been forgiven,
cast beyond the boundaries of our land,
and wiped from the mind of our Merciful GOD.
May you live in the reckless joy of forgiveness.

We who are the waiting ones, find our hope and unity in this:
We believe in God, Three in One,
Father, Son, Spirit
Paradox, Mystery, Elemental.
We believe in a God of Justice: compassion, mercy, hope
And first, a God of love -
Love personified, incarnated, born vulnerable.

We believe in God, the artist of Creation
God, the life-giver of humanity
God, the lover of us all.

We believe we are called:
To activity out of passivity and apathy,
by the Son of God, born into one place and time for the sake of every place and time;
Calling down through history; borne on the wings of the Spirit.

We believe we are called:
To community, with each other, through Christ, the thread weaving us all together.

We believe that God plays no favorites,
pulls no punches, leaves no stone unturned.

We believe that life is hard.
We believe that life is beautiful.
So, we believe, does God.

[communion together..
after you receive, you are invited to reflect on this time and leave in silence]
Thank you for sharing your prayers with us.

The first time this story was told
they gathered around a table a ragged collection of people –
the power-hungry
fragile lonely lost.
The first time this story was told, Jesus promised that it was for all time; that whenever the bread was broken and the wine was poured, wherever the story was told around the table,
he would be there.
Today we tell the story
as its been told a thousand times over;
we break the bread, and we pour the wine;
sure, as we do, that we belong at this table
and that Jesus is here with us.

If we come to this table angry,
let this bread and wine be our peace.
If we come to the table as sinners,
let this bread and wine be our grace.
If we come to the table betrayed,
let this bread and wine be our wholeness.
If we come to the table in despair,
let this bread and wine be our hope.
If we come to the table empty,
let this bread and wine be our life.
For this is a holy table,
with food to fill a hungry world
and wine to quench thirsty hearts.
It's GOD’s in the making,
and ours for the taking.

We came today in memory of the past.
We will leave today
to grasp our together-future.
We came today in hope of healing.
We will leave today
another step along the road.
We came today in suspicion and as strangers.
We will leave today as sisters and brothers.

Give us strength to travel.
Give us hope to heal. Give us cause to celebrate.
Give us peace and bless us
In the name of the One who breathed life In the name of the One who lived with us In the name of the One who helps us live now.
In the name of the Father, Son and Spirit,
interdependent, community, One GOD. Amen.
written by Jodi Renee Giron